“Faye, baby,” Ally says, caressing her daughter’s face, “every night I pillow my head, I fear you feel like you’re second place in my life.  I want you to know that this has been the greatest day I’ve had in months.  Yeah, we hang out when I am off, but seeing you shine and be happy, traveling around as the big, brave System Guard, was special today.”

    “Aw, Mommy, I know you love me.”  Faye returns the caressing gesture and kisses her mom’s cheek, though following with a playful punch.  “Now, go be my hero.  Go save the day again.  For every night you pillow your head thinking I feel like second place, I want you to know that I sweetly pillow my own head, looking forward to the day that I’ll be just as kind, sweet…and yet as disciplined as you.  Now, shoo.”

    Giving one last hug, Ally finishes by saying, “Of all the missions I’m assigned, you’re always my favorite.”  With this, Ally J. continues to hug her daughter, enjoying the last few moments of the time together.

    “You’re using the hug as an excuse not to go, aren’t you?” Faye knows her sneaky mom.

    Caught in the act, Ally giggles and says, “Yes.”

    “Get out of here, you silly goose,” Faye laughs.  “I’ll be sure to take good notes for you so you don’t miss anything.”

    Fading away, Ally threatens, “Don’t forget; if you fail the exam, you get no supper tonight.  Love you!”

    With a big smile on her face, Faye scoffs at the idea, “Me fail?  As if.”  And with this, Faye is energized and ready to continue her training as her mother heads off to save more lives.  However, there is one more conversation Faye decides to have as the class transports away.

    “Paul, my travel buddy just left us in the dust.  I’m making you her replacement.”

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