Chapter 3   The Face Revolution

    “So much better!” as soon as Duplica enters the next age, she quickly changes back to her normal hairstyle and, now safely out of Keb’s hearing range, shouts, “Yay!  I’m totally done being Cici’s copy caaaa—” she is fortunate enough to catch her tongue before rudely insulting the army of natural clones now standing in front of her.

    Not sure whether to laugh or rage, Ally scolds her hasty friend.  “Catherine, you’re the one who scheduled to meet these people.  Have a little common sense with your timing!”

    Faye follows her mother’s lead by leaning against Grace and saying, “She is your mom, Gigi.”

    Grace is not amused.

    “Aren’t you all adorable!” I.C. squeals.  “You look just like my granny’s siblings!  Well, not as in you look like my family, but you’re a family of twins…eh, dec-tuplets?  No, there’s thirteen of you, so….”

    “No,” says one of the men, “none of us are related, except in being all native Ruyngardians.  But that is why we are here.  We are the test subjects for a new experiment to give us the faces we desire.”

    One of the girls adds, “Not everyone on the planet looks, or even dresses, nearly identically as we are now, but we were selected because we are among the most extreme cases.  Our hope is to be the first in a new era of restored individuality.”

    “Oh, that’s precious,” says Ally.  “Cat, can I get a new face, too?  Will that tamper with history?”

    Getting an inch away from her pal, Duplica examines her head, poking her cheek.  “Why would you want to change this work of art?  One reason I never schedule you to come with us is so I don’t have to be reminded of how jealous you make me.”  Before her laughing friend can respond, Cat further examines and states, “You could do something by your ear though.  Save your money and let me do it.”

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