“Oh, hey!  That reminds me!”  Ima Crystal turns to her husband and suggests, “Should we get Beverly here before Vahnna leaves since she is the latest in the Scott royal line?”

    Rolling his eyes, Scott hugs his wife and says, “That’s her fighter name.  It’s not the same thing.”

    “Well, still,” she contends, “it could make a good heritage moment.”

    He shakes his head, chuckling.  “Sis will get her chance to steal the show when we get to our old era.  You know she and her girls will be joining us for that one.  Besides, as my wife, you’re just as much a part of the Scott heritage as Beverly is.”

    I.C. pecks her man on the nose and, with a devious smile, confesses, “I know.  I was just trying to be nice before I take over later.  Mwahaha!  Duplica totally said I could, so I feel no guilt.”

    “How about humility?”

    Nodding in a most noble fashion, Ima confirms, “A little.”

    And as all the buffoonery slowly winds down, the groups finally finish their goodbyes and Keb escorts Clara and Christy back to the Drawing Board.  The teachers gather the students together and open the time portal to the next era.

    As the mind of a jubilant chance master muses over the most exciting two games she could have ever imagined, Kammy finds herself looking forward to her rematch with Paul, of all people, imagining the fun they will have as she patiently teaches him how to play the game.  This thought alone almost makes her forget her game with Elfie until his new “sister” abruptly reminds her by whispering, “Did you win?”

    Subtly turning to her inquisitor, Kammy shows her confusion of the question by asking, “Faye, didn’t you watch me win?  I totally obliterated Elfie.”

    “Yeah, I saw that.  Hard not to…” as she finishes this last sentence, Faye adjusts her monocle and leans in closer to repeat her initial question, “…but did you win?”

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