Chapter 2   Starting Things Anew

    The brave class of System Guard cadets and their teachers step onto the virgin soil of the barren planet soon to be claimed as Planet Ruyngard.  We all know it as New Ruyngard, but considering Storyboard XII had already combined with XI, it wasn’t an issue just referring to the colony as Ruyngard.  I’ll try to differentiate, but don’t hate me if I rely more on the colony name at times.  I guess I could follow someone’s lead and refer them as Old Ru and New Ru.  I’m sure the Patterson girls would love that, but let’s not confuse stories here.

    As soon as Cat rests her boot on the ground, she beholds the beautiful scenery and shouts in a loud, dramatic voice, “Vahnna, go away!”

    “What?”  Vahnna doesn’t know what Duplica is talking about, not at all.  “This was all Keb’s idea.”

    Staring at the accused in bewilderment, Gigi asks, “Are you Keb?  What happened to your face?”

    “Now, that’s offensive,” Kebber teases as she does the “shame, shame” finger motions.  “I figured that Ruyngard’s face swapping trend was a good excuse to try new mugs I’ve been working on.  Remember, my mom Fiona is an Ancyro from Storyboard X, and while my birth dad was from SBX’s Japan, my Asian features were mainly given to me to hide what I really looked like as a kid.  It’s just that, after finding myself, reuniting with my mom and that whole package, it felt awkward to pop out and be like, ‘Oh hey, I’m not really so Asian after all!  One, you guys would be confused and, two, I’m still Japanese, even if from another dimension, so I very much enjoy my well-known visage.  Still, I couldn’t help but try out what I might have looked like if not tampered with as a kiddo, at least once.  It might’ve even given you a hint as to when I was with you last year and when one of my doubles was filling in.”

    “Gasp!” Gracie voices the surprise of the others.  “You mean you scolded Cici for being so lazy while you weren’t even with us for half the field trip?!”

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