“Hey, Waterfall,” Elf starts off, “or I could call you Worleyfall.  Anyway, your joking with Kammy made me realize you haven’t bugged me in quite a while about dating.  Heh, it’s a good thing too, considering how pretty you look in the professional getup.  But seriously—”

    “Elfer,” Faye cuts him off, “I was joking with Kam.  Listen, you know why I haven’t bugged you about it in a while?  Or rather, do you want to know why I bugged you about dating all the time in the first place?  Before we start this trip, I want to establish that I don’t really, nor have I ever genuinely liked you like that.  I was just convinced I needed a boyfriend to be cool, and you’re the best candidate.  Maybe we can resume this discussion when the time is right, but now that I’m not trying to fit in, my priorities have been different, and that’s why I haven’t bothered to even joke about it with you.”  Faye then laughs, “Also, please don’t call me Worleyfall.  Waterfall will do.  As a little kid, I was called Tilt-a-whirl by the classmates that made me feel so worthless as a person.  I know you don’t mean it that way, but I’m kind of sensitive about my last name.  It’s why I rarely mention it unless I have to.  And for the record, that’s also why I chose T. for my middle initial.  My logic was I would avoid the kids who called me Tilt-a-whirl and cling to the kids who accepted me as their Fate.  I was ridiculous, ha ha!  So, now you know to be more careful with what you call me.”  And with this, the 5 ft. orator takes a bow and leads Elfie to where the others are preparing to take off.

    “Well, that was nothing like I expected,” Ent mutters to himself.  “I wonder if she likes Owan now.  Nah, she said the whole boyfriend thing was just to fit in, so she probably doesn’t like him.  I mean, would I care if she did like him?  Would that bother me, or would I only be jealous that she couldn’t wait for me?”

    As our Rug boy ponders this odd development, he decides to count his blessings either way that he can finally enjoy a trip with Faye as just friends instead of worrying about a girl trying to hold his hand.  He even feels comfortable enough to share some of his family history with her, knowing she won’t go crazy over it.  “Don’t feel too be about the added initial.  My mom used to add a T to her name just so Catherine Antonia Sky could be Catherine Antonia T. Sky and have her initials be CATS.”  The two friends start to laugh but are quickly interrupted.

    “Hey, punk,” the feeling of a girl’s fist playfully hitting Elf’s shoulder accompanies Kammy Crystal’s cheerful voice.  “Are you ready for this adventure?  Let me know if you need to borrow any of my notes.”

    And so, the lesson begins.

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