Chapter 8  The Ultimen-Powered War

            What an exam we have in store!  The class shows up in Y. 11000 and is greeted by a current, non-dead, System Guard sitting on a rock with her arms crossed.  She smirks and teases, “You’re late.”  This is Leila, and she has been asked to cover the era that she’s originally from.  “I’ll have to be brief since we’re in the middle of a war, but here goes.”

    “I am what’s called a Probabilian, meaning I have the ability to change my form, but at great risk.  I’ll either level up, completely change or die, and this change can even include my natural abilities.  Around the time my brother and I joined the System Guards of XI, we had recently chosen forms that paid homage to the Ani race we had learned about, but by the time I went on my cute field trip with Keb to find her real mother, I performed one more transformation, risking a 50% chance of death by forcing my choice rather than accepting whatever I was given.  I chose to become an Ancyro, making it exponentially easier to become an Infinite.  You’ve no idea how convenient life is now!

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