And for sake of time, and security, Duplica quickly uses her own powers to send a mental message to her students so the guests don’t learn of their near future.

    “Hello from your favorite mind-reading teacher!  Just wanted to wrap up the story properly.  Don’t judge me for not waiting or I will fail you.  So, the traitors will be removed from the Ringers and the Patterson Corporation will be dealt with properly.  The friends will finish high school, Jason will marry Georgia, and the three will join the military to pursue positions with the Ringers.  Once they are regular members, they find themselves in a typical meeting where discussions are had for preparations of any future Ultimen attacks.  Jason and his friends get to see the recently discovered schematics from around the time of the Happy War.  What are these schematics for?  You’ll find out for yourselves.  Your exam is in the next era.”

    Suddenly, Jason and Georgia find themselves panicking as they wonder which part of their story now has all the children groaning in agony.  Duplica explains it has nothing to do with anything our Ringers have said, but rather the class has remembered something very important that is quickly approaching.  Cat and the Asteroid Trio brighten the spirits of the class and lead in the regular chorus of goodbyes and such.

    Oh, my goodness, we’ve come so far!  To think that we’ve gone through all of XL history and are now approaching the final exam!  What could be waiting in the next era?  Whatever came of the lead AB gave to Adam Baylor?  With all these questions, Gigi has one or two of her own.

    “Hey,” she says as she catches her buddy, “how’d you handle that lesson?  I bet it was awkward after today.”

    Faye begins to speak in reflex but pauses to choose her words carefully.  “Life isn’t fair.  War is not patient.  I am a System Guard, and by extension, a soldier of Christ.  I’ll just have to get over myself.  No, I’ll give it to Him.”  The girls exchange a hug and sneak their way back amongst the tiny crowd that is beginning the transporting process.  Full steam ahead as we’ve a gargantuan test ahead of us all!

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