Chapter 7  Ultimate Timing

    Upon arrival, Duplica must make an important clarification.  “Do you guys remember Alice saying that the System focus on XL ended with her?  Well, she forgot about the fact she wasn’t just transported to another Storyboard, but also to another point in history.  From our standpoint, she met Golocteryl at the end of XL’s connection with the spotlight.  However, as we sent her back to her era, there were a few events that occurred between her point in time and that to which she traveled to meet her husband with the unspellable cryptogram name.  The next few places we visit are definitely on XI record books.”

    Paul rolls his head around his shoulders as his mind tries to grasp this.  “Wait, Lady Duplica; isn’t Storyboard XL a part of our unified universe in the present?”

    Seeing his point, she specifies, “Why, yes, it is, but it was late in joining the party since the System Director was sure he was done with that universe.  They finally combined with us, but not before holding a few more surprises in store.  Even so, none of these surprises are a part of our itinerary.”

    Jo Meyers looks around and asks where they are, to which Keb remarks, “Better off now that I’ve tricked my cooking rival of a mother into leaving after the last lesson.”

    “Ooo,” Cici is on it.  “I’m tellin’.”

    Shrugging, Keb says, “You know what?  When we get back to base, maybe we’ll have yet another cooking competition.  The record is me with 200 victories, Mom with 176, Tea with 131, Ally with 42 and Missy with…more than I’d like to admit.”

    Confused, Cici points out Missy has only had 112 wins, but Keb reminds Cici that 48 of these victories were consecutive and dangerously recent with Keb only reclaiming her title in the last bout.  As you can see, the kitchen is heating up.  Mind you, this is the list of top winners, not at all to be taken as comprehensive.  Catching the spirit of competition, Kammy and Jo huddle around Owan and both ask which he thinks is the better at making meals.  He refuses to answer and risk starving to death.

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