Alice concludes her answer, “Well, with my descendants’ new planet in another universe being the focus of the System, our history was neglected, resulting in the System Director not being aware of the true Last Angel.  This is why they are called the Lost Angel.  I know, sounds like a movie plot.  If I were you, I would investigate the Lost Angel, especially since it deals with modern XL history.”

    That is a lot to take in, I know.  The group is ready to go investigate this topic, while the teachers see several red flags with taking such a detour from the trip.  If something nefarious is on the rise, AB should go look into it, not these teenagers.  Instead, he decides to contact Adam Baylor and have him check this lead.

    With this taken care of, the group spends another twenty minutes just chilling, getting to know Alice, hugging her and telling her how much they love her and are proud of her.  She assures them that she’s learned to appreciate “both Alice and Avia.”  Faye spends as much time as she can apologizing to Elfie for carelessly holding his hand without thinking.  You know, it’s just the regular class routine.  Soon enough, everyone is off to the next lesson while other issues are investigated elsewhere.  Good job, Alice Baylor.  Now, go enjoy the surprise the others have for you back in the Drawing Board.

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