Chapter 4  The Four Corners

    The portal is at the next stop, which prompts AB to give everyone a break.  He summons two tables to make a longer one, adds some chairs and then prepares a wave of light snacks to feed the kids and the teachers.  Wouldn’t you like to stuff your face while we wait for the Baylors to arrive?  Hey, you may even want to eat after they get here.  I won’t judge.

    While they wait, Elfie asks the Asteroid Siblings a very simple question that’s definitely nothing to throw off the serenity of the moment.  “Have any of you died?  What’s it like in the Drawing Board when you’re more than a visitor?”

    Many a mind finds this an odd question, but no one can deny it’s still a very good one.  AB first makes it a big deal to point out that the way the System handles death is in no way a promotion of necromancy.  When humans die, they either go to heaven or hell.  Sin separates us from God, but if we accept the fact that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and personally trust in His death and resurrection from the dead as our salvation from sin, then we go to heaven after death.  All that said, we are forbidden from toying around with communicating with the departed.  That’s not what the Drawing Board is about.

    “We’re computer programs.  We’re not dying and going to the afterlife.  Think of it more like a video game.  As PACs, when we lose our only extra life, we respawn back in the Drawing Board.  We’re still alive, per say, but we can’t leave that zone unless the System Director gives us special permission.  I mean, sure it affects our marital status and it changes our anatomical properties a tad, but it’s definitely not the same, in any respect, as when the real-worlders die.  Now, to answer your question regarding us, there’s been at least once or twice where, if you want to get technical, a bunch of us ‘died’ over a minor, temporary change to the System, but I wouldn’t consider that on the same scale, and like I said, it didn’t last.  As far as I remember, I’ve yet to kick it, and I plan to keep it that way for the rest of my life.”

    Cici goes next.  “No, I hit the ground.  I straight up died when I was eighteen, thanks to that stupid Arion Jekel.  Can I say stupid?  Just in case, I died because of that inconvenient clown.”

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