The species remark earns a grimace from Kammy.  “You make us sound like animals.  Sure, we’re technically programs, but we’re still as human as we can be.  Thanks for killing my good spirit.”

    “Aw, baby,” Jo goes to hug the troubled teen, “I didn’t mean to insult you like that.  I should’ve been more careful with my humor.  Yes, we’re human.  We just live in a more lenient dimension than default humans.  Our dimension is inside the head of some out-of-his-mind author.”

    Kammy chuckles.  “We’re more in his right mind than he is.”

    Jo’s laughter is stopped by the technicalities of the statement.  “No, we’re in the left hemisphere right now.  XL and VII were on the more rational side of things.  Our home world is one of the storyboards ‘in his right mind.’”

    “It was a joke, Granny.  You didn’t have to get technical on me.  That’s my job, he he.”  Kammy is satisfied and feels better, though she and Josey both know she’s not complaining about Jo’s added trivia.

    As Jo continues to cut up with her granddaughter, the head teacher goads her own grandfather into opening the portal and escorting us to the next era in Storyboard XL history.  And there you have it; Kammy inherited Jo’s technical mind while Duplica inherited AB’s…sigh, let’s move on, if you don’t mind.

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