Chapter 2  Happy War

    Before the team continues, I’d like to inform you, the reader, that as an extra treat for the tales you will soon learn, I have decided to use the original drawings associated with many of the upcoming characters and events.  I hope you take pleasure in this treasured surprise.  Alrighty, let the trip proceed!

    We arrive on the field, and the lesson officially begins!  The group settles themselves upon landing to make sure all the limbs and such are in place, like they’d lose something.  Duplica does the roll call to make sure no one ended up in Storyboard CD or lost in between worlds.  Of course, everyone is here.  It’s interdimensional travel, not rocket science, folks.

    “Teacher,” says Paul, slightly anxiously, “will you kill me if I have to step aside for a moment.”

    Following a group groan, Duplica demands to know, “Why didn’t you do that during our long waiting period for everyone to arrive?”

    “I, uh,” he says, tapping his fingers together, “I didn’t have to then.”

    Jocelyn shakes her head and tries to patiently ask, “Paul, how old are you?  I think you know better than that, man.”

    To avoid tampering with the environment of the past, AB opens a quick portal back to the school so Paul can take care of his last-minute details.  Once he returns, the class is ready to begin…again.

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