“Well put, sis,” says AB.  “Even though your guest hosts will still be dead, we’re going to have the people of Storyboard XL visit you as you enter their eras of time, so you and the deaders can watch their past selves in action.  Now, that’s some wacky play-by-play, if you ask me.  Also, we thought it’d be a good time to better explain the Drawing Board, since we’ll be dealing with the most famous case of dead folk in XL, the children of SUSIE.”

    A group “Whoa!” can be heard.

    Keb bobs her head back and forth in contemplation.  “I definitely think we should skip the subtleties with this one and just explain what SUSIE is since it’ll be very important to understand upon our arrival.”

    “Fair enough,” says AB, “but let’s get onto the field before we start so we can at least say the trip has begun.”

    “It’s about time!” chimes Cici.

    “Oh hush, crazy,” Missy says as she laughs and rolls her eyes, though hidden by her shades, of course.  “Okay guys, I’m going to go work on the amazing Missy Mac.  You’ll just love it.  I know AB does.”

    The goodbyes are said, Missy leaves and the two pedestrian parents, Mercy and Ally J., stand by as the class is about to zap into Storyboard XL.

    As the portal opens, Faye feels the light tap of an elbow in her side.  It’s Tiffany.  “So, you’re going to be my bodyguard and buddy on this trip, right?”

    Whispering back, Faye gleefully affirms, “Of course!  We’re going to be best of friends, or my name isn’t Faye T.!”

    Tiff can’t help but ask the question.  “What’s the T stand for?”

    “We’ll just pretend you didn’t ask that,” responds Faye with a funny face.  “My middle name is quite embarrassing, so I just use an abbreviation like my mom does.  It makes for a good excuse to tell my Elfie that I’m his fate.”

    As the kids leave their home world, Gigi can hear Faye dolefully saying to herself, “I have been trying not to bug him as much.  He’ll never like me if I keep being my old pushy self.”

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