Chapter 10  Mac Attack

    The exam is aced and the villain is crushed!  The freshly brewing party makes its way back to Dogwood’s HQ where AB’s favorite chef is ready and waiting to host this long-awaited banquet.

    “Missy,” says Keb, “it’s on, girl.”  The sassy sister-in-law starts her own macaroni art in the kitchen, adding to the collection of cheese being presented to the students.

    “And what’s this I hear about you trying to get rid of me earlier?” Fiona’s voice calls out as she crashes in with two crock pots of the yellow pasta she’s prepared.

    If you think this is crazy, a couple of the other usual suspects show up, each with their own rendition of today’s menu item.  This causes Cici to throw her hands up in defeat and waltz into the kitchen, finally giving in to her desire to put these girls in their place with her own secret recipe she’s been working on.  I seriously don’t know how these women expect the kids to eat all of this, but the teens are definitely going to try.  It’s a good thing the adults are Infinites to help gulp down the excess.  For that matter, Keb and Cat will probably eat most of everything anyway, so it’s not like there will be that much leftover.

    Once everyone has their food and is settled, Cat starts to tell the teens about the rest of XL history that she learned while the tots were taking their test, as well as of her conflict with Grille.  Her twins are bummed out that they missed this action, but cheer up when they hear her promise to take them to see it in person later.  The others have their hopes lifted when they’re told it will be a test-free quick trip as a reward for their efforts.

    Having heard the tale of Grille’s grief, Faye’s joyous dancing and munching turns to somber contemplation.  Tapping her fork against her lips, she thoughtfully asks Duplica, “Do you think Tiffany might have changed her mind if we had taken her to meet her maker and see that even he was sorry for what he did?”

    Smiling sympathetically, Cat carefully choses her words and gives her suggestion.  “If she had gone, she may have just gone berserk like her creator.  I can’t say her fate would have been much better, hon.”

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