“YOU!”  The creep is not happy.

    The lovely lady is none other than Lady Spectacular herself, Misa, after whom the Lost Angel was named, in case you were wondering.  And what is she holding?

    “That sword!  I know that sword!  It is not possible!!  You humans threw those to the stars!”  Grille’s assessment is correct.  This is Key’s Sword from long, long ago.  I figured that Misa’s earned a little moment of compensation after being tortured, experimented on and brought back from the dead only to watch her old friend curse the world in hateful vengeance during the Happy War.

    “Yep,” says Misa, “this sword belongs to my buddy Key.  I’ll tell you a secret.  The System Guards found every last sword that was lost, and after you’re gone, the Time Unit that you’ve secretly been haunting will take possession of them and wipe out any tiny trace you might be hiding in the past.  Sooooooo,” Lady Spectacular, Lady Z, Misa takes aim and hits the beast with the hardest swing she possibly can, which is a lot for this super strong gal, “one vente shot of justice with a hint of espresso, with love from the Coffee Spies!” The last of Arion Jekel’s creations is vanquished, and by one of this critter’s first victims.  Not bad, Misa.

    She exchanges some witty jokes with the others, then turns to leave.  “I’m not alive again.  The System Director told me what was going on and asked if I wanted the honor of the final blow.  Couldn’t pass that up.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to return this before Key gets picky with how long he has to go without it.  Come visit us, y’all!”  And with that, she vanishes just as randomly as she appeared.  Such is the life of a System Guard, including the dead ones.  And that is how this fight ends.  It started with Grille defeating the Coffee Spies but ended with the Coffee Spies’ strongest girl returning to finish what they started thousands of years ago.

-Final Chapter-

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