Chapter 9 A Change in Direction

    At this moment, everyone from X, XI, XII and several other Storyboards wage war across the multiverse.  From this, we at least get to see what other Storyboards exist at this time.  There’s the beach-centered Storyboard D with Ultimax’s equivalent being a very confused Keb.  There’s Packy Derm’s home world in Storyboard L where AB’s equivalent is a talking rhino.  We also have the opposite genders of SBV with Astra fighting Maxie, along with SBM which has various parents and such as the heroes, like King and Iris Scott instead of James and Amy.

    One Storyboard I will highlight is Storyboard C.  Here, AB and his other Guardians all died, while at the same time this version of Max and his team were also destroyed.  Keb, EMJ, and others have taken up the mantle to battle TAT, a dark clone of EMJ and other Ultimax associates in a fray that won’t let the old rivalry go.  Of course, with the Drawing Board broken, you can imagine how things are even more complicated, but if you want complicated, here’s the crowning achievement:

    For trivia buffs who read the comics where Ultimax first fought AB, there’s a moment when Max creates a duplicate Keb to prove his point about the futility of the System Guards’ existence.  This Keb is then sent into the multiverse to work out who she is.  For anyone who reads that, understands what is happening and wonders whatever became of that duplicate…she is the Keb of Storyboard D.

    Also, I believe it’s a good time to point out that while this Keb and several other “Ultimax variations,” along with some of their associates, will see the error of their way and actually join the heroes, the main Zocartra will remind us all who he truly is by absorbing, not only every one of his variations, but also anyone else who has given into the pure defection form we first encountered when James Scott fought Jet during Ultimax’s first invasion.  This cruel fate will take both EMJ’s step-father Dr. Johnst, as well as her older sister Priscilla who had tried to marry Zocartra when he returned.

    That said, we return to AB and Max’s unending dilemma as they fight and dialogue.

    “Do you see,” sneers the evil, partially mechanical voice, “I have given them eternal life, all right, and yet we both know this is a mockery of what they were promised.  This isn’t the future that awaits the humans in the real world.  They have the privilege of a peace which shall never end, but we have no such luxury.  As long as the System Director is in the world, we shall forever be at the mercy of his whims and emotions.  We may die and spend our happy days in this shadow of paradise he’s created for us, but you see how sacred it is.  We have no peace until he is taken to glory by the True Creator.  But when he is removed from this world, our lives shall cease to exist.  Don’t you get what that means?”

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