Ent points out that Max’s sword is an evil version, thus the girls need to chill.

    “Ent, it’s not!” demands a frustrated Faye, her emotions already on edge from her trust in Duplica’s definition of safety being shattered.  “Do you know what your little toy is based on?  It’s the System’s reference to the Sword of the Spirit, the Bible.  Are you seriously naïve enough to think that the good guys are the only ones who can use God’s Word?  Sure, the villains can only twist it, but if you’re a rookie who doesn’t know what you’re doing, the Bible can be just as destructive to the innocent as it can be to the dark forces.  Maybe the thing AB gave you is a trial version, but with what your mom’s put us through right now, I’m not in the mood to trust my life to what these careless adults say!”

    Now that he understands what’s got Faye so worried, he deactivates his weapons and apologizes for scaring her.

    “Ent,” Faye says, “I’m really scared, and I don’t care if I pass or flunk.  I just want to go home.”

    Thinking about what she just said, Elf scratches his chin.  “Pass or flunk, huh?  Mom was pretty adamant about this quiz of hers being the most hair-raising experience we’ve ever faced.”

    Grace sees where this is going.  “Hey, you don’t think she would do this to us, do you?”

    None of the three kids present waste time with this answer.  “Yes!”

    Elsewhere, another couple of kids display that they never confused the issue for a moment.  As Kammy and Paul share a dance of dynamics, destroying the dastardly droids, Kammy C. calls out to Duplica, “Lady D., how are we doing?”

    “Much better than poor Faye, but I think my kids are helping her come around.  Oh, I should have been a little clearer on what was going to happen.  I’ve broken their little hearts, and I feel terrible.”

    Paul asks Kammy if she’ll be alright left alone for a moment.  As she gives the okay, Paul takes off to check on Gracie Grace.  He has less to worry about as he sees Owan and Jo taking his spot by Kam.

    While the kids continue to have their own problems, we will return to the main battle in the next chapter.

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