Chapter 8 Ultimate Bedlam

    We arrive.  After the class has their little introduction to our special guests for the chapter, I will be doing most of the talking since a lot of the information was already covered by Duplica on the way here.  I’m sure you will understand why she gave the lesson before arriving when the kids’ quiz shows up.  The heads of our students quickly zip back and forth as the teens behold the battlefield before them.

    “Mother,” Grace panics, “what responsible adult throws her children into interdimensional warfare?!  We’re all going to die!”

    “Nah,” Cat says calmly, “they don’t even know you exist, so chill out, young one.  In fact, how could you feel insecure with these three heroes showing up?”

    With her words spoken, Duplica turns to welcome the most desired guests of any System Guard student.  This is Astro Bomber, Missy Millennia and Astro’s sister, lovingly known by everyone as Keb.  AB, Missy and Keb are basically the leaders of all System Guards from every storyboard, as well as the main mascots as far as real-world publication is concerned.  I could go into their backstory, or I could just direct you to the Inner Man Theatre website where you can read everything for yourself.

    As everyone cheers at this wonderful surprise, Grace asks, “Where’s Cici?  You’d think she would be here, too, since we are taking the same type of trip she took with you and Keb, AB.”

    Shrugging, AB concludes, “She’s lazy.  It was hard enough for Missy and I to drag Keb along for the ride.”

    It quickly becomes clear that the three standing before the class are the present-day trio, meaning they are not a part of the scene into which our friends have entered.  In fact, the past versions of AB, Miss and Keb can be seen fighting in the distance, with no idea that only yards away, they will one day return to this very spot to observe themselves as visitors from the future.

    “Sho,” asks Kebbers, “what have you kids learned thus far about this fight?”

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