Smiling, Duplica goes on.  “While the others present in the next scene still have much to do, I’m skipping further ahead for XII’s part in the story.  Once everything is done, XII will see this new Rowan as the new king.  Ata will marry Ron and Lori will get to live peaceably with her husband Turk.  Because of events involving Ultimax, most everyone who’s ever lived from every Storyboard up to that point will be alive, unless they choose…eh, you’ll see.  Point is that A-Tron and Never Miss have another chance at life together.  Old King Rowan gladly lets the new one keep the throne.  It’s just a happy time.  Many, many years will pass and, eventually, XII is combined with XI so that there’s no point in differentiating Old Ruyngard from the new.  Of course, the Storyboard itself will be brought back for a while with new occupants placed therein, but we all know how long that lasted.  All the same, this is how XII ends, with happiness and unity, heh heh…get it?  Unity…because they…oh, never mind.”

    The students stand in silence, taking in this confusion.  Grace reviews the facts with Elf while Faye approaches Kammy with a question.

    “So, K.C., what have you learned from all of this?”

    Careful with her answer, Kammy replies, “I have learned that everyone makes mistakes.  We are all sinners, even we PACs.  We can be jerks, but we can improve.  Is that what you learned, Faye?”

    Faye places her finger on her lips as she thinks about it.  “I guess I have.  I wonder what Mommy will think of all these wonderful lessons.  I hope I please her when I tell her how much more like her it makes me want to be.”

    Kammy hugs her and comforts her that Ally J. will be so proud of Faye.

    “Well, guys,” Duplica says, pounding her fist into her palm, “the time of studying is over.  After all of this, you had better be ready.  I’m transporting you to the biggest exam of your life.”

    “AWWW!!” The class moans in horror.

    “Hey, don’t complain.  You haven’t seen what I have in store.” Cat smiles for a second, but resumes her serious nature.  “Guys, I need you to have a focus like you’ve never had before.  Where we are going next, you will be surrounded by an endless see of warriors, but the only ones who will be able to sense your presence are my designated hosts for the final stage in our journey.  Are you sure you’re ready?”

    With a variety of emotions accompanying the response, the class approaches the gradually opening portal.  What is this final test that Duplica has for her kids?  You’ll have to read the next chapter to find out.

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