Chapter 7 The Golden Seven

    “No, I didn’t try to poison you.”

    Paul is relieved to hear that Gigi didn’t literally mean she tried to kill him.  She simply meant she’ll be more careful than she was earlier at lunch.  Mind you, I can’t guarantee Faye is convinced of Gracie G.’s innocence, but that’s a matter for another time.  Now, we focus on why there are four people in the picture and not seven, and why none of them are golden.

    Holding her hands together with only the fingertips touching while closing her eyes to look scholarly, Duplica begins her pre-lesson tutoring.  “I shall inform you of the events which transpired from last time to the start of this period in human existence on XII turf.  First, I should inform you that A-Tron is safe within the Drawing Board, having spent many a decade with a very happy Never Miss.  Hopefully, I don’t have to get too theological in reminding you that, since we are thoughts and not souls, our terms of condition for determining who enters the Drawing Board are not the same as who goes to heaven or hell.”

    Duplica looks around, cautiously observing Jo as she states the next portion.  “For that matter, the System Director, along with anyone else who’s accepted the death, burial and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as their own personal way of getting to heaven, is guaranteed to go to heaven one day.  The only thing that decides whether or not we tag along with the System Director for the ride is if God allows him to think about us after he gets up there.  This is an uncertainty, but still a possibility.  We’ll not dwell on the subject since it is such a controversial topic.  As far as the Drawing Board is concerned, most everyone ends up going as long as they’re not truly corrosive thoughts to the author’s mind.”

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