“Well, glory!” James doesn’t know what to do with himself.  “Okay then, I’m going to run away.  I hope to meet you all again.  Don’t wait another hundred years to come visit.”

    With everyone giving their final goodbyes, Cat feels a tug on her sleeve.  She turns to see her baby girl sheepishly standing by her.  “Yes, honey?  You okay?”

    Gracie asks, “Are we in a desperate hurry?  I need to take care of something real quick.  I promise I won’t be long.”

    “Hmm, alright, but make it quick.” Duplica traces her finger across her daughter’s cheek and giggles as the girl scurries off to do whatever is so important.”

    With everyone right there, it’s difficult to not have things be blatantly obvious, but all the same, Gigi tries to whisper a quick conversation between Paul and herself.  “Hey, yeah, it’s like this, okay?  We can be friends like we used to be, but I don’t like you, don’t wanna’ be your girlfriend.  You respect that, I won’t try to poison you again.  You cross a boundary, and I’ll make sure you get left in the past somewhere, trying to find your way out of a cave full of robot zombies.  Do we understand each other?”

    Fearing for his life, Paul quickly agrees, promising to never do anything to warrant such physical abuse.  With everything settled, the group heads off to the next destination.  Passing through the outskirts of reality, Grace laughs as she overhears her restored relationship whispering to himself, “She tried to poison me?!”

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