Chapter 6 Ruyngard University

    With the visitors gone, our usual tourists step onto the lush, green grass of a large college campus in a city that anyone from Storyboard XI, or the real world, might confuse for your average modern town.

    “Wow!” Kammy says, staring at the new world around them.  “How far along are we in the timeline, Lady Duplica?”

    Catching a bit of air, the teacher tosses it in her mouth and swishes it around.  “I’d say, we are about a hundred years later from the last adventure.”

    Owan is not buying it.  “You want me to believe you can taste what year it is?”

    Laughing, Cat pulls out her phone.  “Busted.  I better know the date, considering I set it, silly.”

    “Whew, you had me fooled, Catherine.  I thought I had an air head for a fellow teacher, heh heh.”  Jocelyn is so proud of herself for this witty assessment.

    “Wow, Joey,” retorts Cat, “your words pierce like a dagger.  We’re going to have to start keeping comeback points like Elf and Gigi, haha.”

    Jo is taken off guard by this.  Checking the computer on her wrist band, the girl can be heard quietly muttering, “I’ve been keeping score for years, Cat.  I always thought they got the idea from you.”

    Nervously scratching her scalp, Duplica admits, “Well, I sure pulled a fast one on you, didn’t I?  Heh heh!”

    The teachers decide to stop monkeying around and soon direct the kids to the nearby coffee shop in hopes of finding the intended speaker for the next lesson.  Kamron says to Owan, “How ironic that our next teacher is also a student in school!”

    Owan smugly takes advantage of this statement.  “Guess it goes to show that you can always learn something from those younger than you, Niece.”

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