As everything calms down, the teachers decide to get the kids back into the fresh air so they can cool off.  The tables are cleaned, and the trash is thrown away.  Everyone plans to meet back up in about ten minutes, after which the next portion of the field trip shall begin.  It is at this time that Lady Vahnna approaches Kammy Crystal.

    “Now baby,” Didi starts, “I told you I was going to travel with you for only a little bit so as not to hog the time from the other people you’ll soon meet.”

    “Come on, Vahnna,” Kammy pleads, as she knows what’s about to be said, “please don’t leave yet.”

    “Ha ha!  I have a fan.”  As Vahnna lifts the discouraged girl’s chin up, she says to her, “I’ll visit you later, alright?  The main reason I stopped to tell you this was so that you know I was going to leave before that little disagreement, okay?  Promise me you won’t accuse Grace Grace of making me leave.”

    Kammy nods her head and promises.

    Soon, the class returns, and Vahnna makes sure to catch Gigi in order to have a similar conversation so the girl won’t feel like it’s her fault that the woman is leaving.  All this sorted out, Vahnna, Patriarch and Noin bid the class farewell for now, promising to catch up when the tour is over so they can have a better lunch to make up for the little tiff during this one.

    The portals open, the two groups go their separate ways and our wonderful children zoom toward their next target.  With everything going like clockwork, Grace Rug zones out with the mundane until she hears that familiar, shy voice behind her.  “I’m s-sorry I made you mad at me, G-Grace.”

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