Chapter 5 Dinner with Didi

    So, it’s lunch and not dinner.  All the same, our class arrives safely back in the present era of their cozy Dogwood Galaxy within the unified storyboard, and it doesn’t take long to find the HQ cafeteria.

    “Oh, Cat!” Vahnna exclaims as unnaturally tasty delicacies visit her taste buds. “What on Earth is this miracle?!”

    “Only the best for a guest such as the Queen of Celron!” Cat smiles triumphantly.  “It’s my special Coonga-June.  I’ll have to give you the recipe.  I can do that now that we share a universe with you past people, right?”

    Vahnna shrugs.  “Like I’d ever know.  The way I understand it is that you guys are like Planet Ruyngard.  I still prefer to call it New Ruyngard to avoid confusion with my homeland, but you know what I mean.  The System Director got tired of dealing with Ancyro, Ani and other such superhero bloodlines.  We still have them, but he had originally intended on all his public stories being based on a world with a simpler super-setup, ha ha!  He started a colony planet that’d take the DNA of everyone in the System at the time and produce a world of people that were normal humans, but with the capability of showing extraordinary skills every so often.  Thus, everyone on New Ruyngard is a descendant of mine, of Keb’s, of AB’s and so forth.  Well, they are in a manner of speaking.”

    Faye bobs in triumph as she recalls her conversation with Captain Jackie, the pirate girl.  “That is why New Ruyngard’s ethnic features are so limited.  The sheer boredom, mixed with the supreme level of technology, led to parents manually picking their babies’ appearances, just like we do here!”

    Vahnna nods and continues, “Apparently, our descendants in the way-far distant future will go to Storyboard XXII, yet still in the past now, and make the entire storyboard a DNA farm just like Planet Ruyngard, so that everyone has the DNA of, well, I guess EVERYONE.  Hmm, so would that make you your own grandmother, Duplica?”

    Cat laughs before correcting her elder.  “That’s cute, but our DNA in the present wasn’t added to the mix when creating our society in the past, dear.”

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