Elf lightly moves his fingers as he does the math.  “Well, I guess it isn’t that weird that you married him since you’re still his age, Lady Vahnna, even though you look drop dead gorgeous.”

    Vahnna nods as she contemplates her options.  “You know, kid, I’m going to let it slide that you just called me an old grandma since you also called me drop dead gorgeous.  But yeah, even though Patriarch is technically about seventy years older than I am, because I grew to be just as old in my timeline, it made us about the same age when he returned.  I guarantee you, though, that he very much prefers my youthful frame compared to the corpse I was turning into, haha!”

    Patriarch disagrees.  “I saw you as an elderly woman, and I was captured by sparks that surrounded you whenever you smiled.”

    Vahnna blushes.  “Hush.  It’s just a good thing I was a widow and able to give up my throne to that surprisingly responsible oldest boy of mine.  Seriously, I don’t have the slightest clue where my one daughter got her fiery nature from.  It’s a total mystery to me!”

    Ignoring this, Kammy grabs her friend in another hug and asks, “So, where are the other System Guard grandkids?”

    Didi rubs the girl’s forehead.  “Eh, I’ll have to tell you about that some other time.  You guys have to see what became of Ruyngard after they recovered from this little global mishap.  Trust me; Warner’s descendant will make you so proud, it makes me want to tag along, just to see the looks on your faces!”

    Throwing her hands into the air, Duplica shouts, “Now, there’s an adventure waiting to happen!  Guys, who wants Lady Vahnna to travel with us for a while?”

    Everyone cheers exceedingly.

    “Haha, fine!” Didi agrees.  “Honey, are you okay with this?”  After getting the confirmation from her husband, Vahnna hugs the kids.  “Alright, we’ll travel for a little bit, but I don’t want to hog the lesson time from the others to come.”

    Duplica shrugs.  “We need a break anyway.  Let’s go back to our world for a bit.  After we get some lunch, we’ll go to the next spot.”

    This was the magic word.  The kids now cheer, “Lunch!  With Vahnna!”

    Paul cheers, “And technically with Gigi!”

    As she puts her arm around him, Gracie begrudgingly says, “Come on then, Apollo; let’s get this over with.”

    No one has a clue what this is all about, but at least Gracie seems to have a bit more compassion for her classmate.  Let us dine with Lady Vahnna in the next chapter.

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