Chapter 4 The Great Crossroads

    “About time you got here.”

    Safely arriving at the next destination, the kids barely land before being greeted by three individuals who were apparently waiting for them.  As she sees the woman addressing her, Duplica lets out a huge laugh and calls her over.  “Vahnna, you punk, get over here!  Don’t tell me the System Director used this as an excuse to throw you into the story.”

    Feigning offense, the elegant Lady Vahnna says, “Why, Duplica, here I thought you would be royally surprised to see me here, but I guess I was greatly mistaken.”

    Cat’s face betrays a feeling of queasiness burdening her being as she critiques the last pun.  “Did you just make a crack at the chapter title?  You know it’s a top-level offense to break the fourth wall, V.”

    “Duplica,” Vahnna quickly corrects, “they know we’re fake.  We know we’re fake.  They know that we know we’re fake, not to mention we travel to any given point in our own histories like it’s crossing the street for a cup of sugar.  There’s no fourth wall to break, love.”

    To make a comical point, Duplica seals the area in a huge glass box.  “There, now stop the windowing.  So, let’s get back to what brings you here, not that I mind, provided you don’t teach my kids bad habits every time we meet.”

    Vahnna laughs, “I didn’t realize I was guilty of a moral infraction, but I’ll be more respectful.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Hehe! You’re welcome.  Now, since this is my home era, the System Director thought it’d be a hoot to let me be the one you meet.  Cat, do you remember who the ‘heroes’ are for this point in history?  Do you even know the point of this era in history?  We don’t want Warner and his Jackie teaching these precious souls anything, even if they are improved by now.  Mind you, you’re talking to present-day Vahnna.  The version of me that’s actually a part of ‘when’ we are just left with…her husband.”

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