Sarah tries to smile as she says it, but she cannot.  “And Kinjo was destroyed as well.”

    Hero is holding her hand tightly, yet lovingly.  “Our Richie, dear King of Ruyngard, had been at the edge of life in this world when our scientists were able to save his life, also allowing him the strength to aid his loyal subjects in battle once again.  However, as everyone turned to behold the final blow, Richie’s blade was in the heart of Kinjo…and Kinjo’s was within Richie.  The two enemies had vanquished each other.  Our king saved the world, yet at the cost of his own life.”

    Kammy frowns. “Richie….”

    Grace looks at her, making eye contact.  Nothing is said, but Kammy finds courage to smile.

    Hero perks up ever so slightly.  “Not all is tragic, my friends.  Things improve from here.  Though our losses were heavy, with everyone from the Sacred Blade generation all gone, along with Richie and most of the men of his generation, Ken has become more than what anyone had expected him to be as a king.  We always knew he would excel, but he never ceases to amaze.  Among the ranks of the evil were human cyborgs that we were able to claim as allies.  They’ve joined our ranks and are still with us.  Our relationship with Elzon is stronger than ever, and as you have already guessed, the nations of Ruyngard and Meadowfield are one with the marriage of Ken to ‘the Nerdy Princess.’  Is there anything I’m forgetting, my young friends?”

    The girls all say at once, “Did Jack and Lady Gold get married?”

    Hero laughs.  “Oh, that reminds me!  Do you remember in old Sacred Blade lore, there were two brothers always fighting?  One of the brothers believed he had been turned into a lizard because there was a frog in his helmet.  Well, not that sibling, but the other one, Antar, is still alive and married the cyborg known as Air Girl.  How’s that?”

    The girls respond with, “Aww, tell us already!”

    Hero gives in.  “Yes, our masters got married recently.  It’s what made me consider asking about Sarah.  Who knows though?  Part of my reason for not asking has to do with…Hm, it’s not important yet.  That type of technology is still in the future, so there’s no need discussing it.  I love Sarah, so we’ll probably get married,” he says the next part with a sarcastic look to his girl, “just like the humans do.”

    “Oh, man!” Duplica looks at her watch.  “Thanks to our tater chip scolding, we’re a bit late.”

    “What?!”  Owan yells in disbelief.  “It wasn’t that long of a conversation!”

    All the same, the group thanks the couple for their time and rushes off to the next era, as if it’s going to happen any later.  With the kids gone, the robots continue their romantic topic, seeing how it wasn’t too far off from what they were talking about before the class arrived, regardless of the memory issue.

    “So,” Hero says, “I was thinking about that upgrade.  Would you still have affection for me if I were taller?”

    Without hesitation, she declares, “I don’t care if you’re too tall, too small or turned into a coffee pot, I will love and follow you wherever you go, because you…” she’s appalled at the pun, but she gives in, “you are my Hero, ha ha.”

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