Chapter 3 Electronic Escalation

    Landing about another twenty years down the timeline, the crew gets a slow start upon arrival.  Time travel gets you sore after a while.

    Grace smells something odd in the air.  “Do I smell biscuit chips?”

    “Hmm…” Cat finds this to be unusual, considering this snack food is a new fad that definitely shouldn’t exist thousands of years ago.  “Owan, why are you eating those?  Did I say we could bring food on this trip?”

    Munching on his chips, he looks as if his dog died.  “You never said we couldn’t, Lady Duplica.”

    She sighs.  “True fact.  Still, you don’t know how time travel will affect food, dear.  I mean, the elements in a different universe, on top of being thrown through time, is sure to do something funky.”

    Grace shrugs.  “I don’t know.  We’re just fine.  No lack of oxygen here.”

    Elf scratches his nose and casually responds, “I beg to differ.”

    “You’ll beg to breathe if you keep that up!”  Gigi’s eyes have that deadly all-white form.

    All this aside, the team finds some motivation and begins to trek along until they meet a cat along the way.  Faye goes to pet it, but once again, time-conscious Duplica freaks out.

    “Faye, please don’t touch that cat.”

    “Why, Lady Duplica?” Faye giggles.  “Are you the only Cat we can be friends with?”

    “Cute, baby,” the teacher says, seeing this quip coming, “but we don’t know if petting this cat will make it be late in catching the mouse that could be the source of a plague that kills all of the people who will be the parents of the future heroes of generations to come.”

    “Uh, Cat,” Jo calmly butts in, “I understand your concern, but considering the purpose of this entire journey, I don’t think we need to worry about such small items.  Please don’t be this obnoxious the whole trip.”

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