Faye scratches her cheek and explains, “The first hero we met of that era looked exactly like my mom.  I couldn’t help but admire her.  I’m sorry.”

    Cat hugs Faye and easily commends her understandable zeal.  “Jo, you want the task of explaining the rest of that era’s history?”

    “Wow, thanks, Cat!”  Lady Meyers takes a deep breath as she thinks about how to spill the news.  “I’m not happy with this decision, Mrs. Rug.”

    Kammy is now worried about Didi.  “Is Didi going to die?  Wait; she can’t die yet…can she?”

    “No, baby,” Jo reassures her granddaughter before continuing, “a very dark day is quickly approaching them, but Didi will live, as will Jackie, Faye.  When they return, Jackie will marry Richie while two of the rescued ladies will marry Rich’s friends.  However, the happiness will turn to tragedy as three malevolent machines led by their robotic master Epoch Blaze will murder five of the seven diplomats, as well as meet our friends in an ugly conflict that will also claim the lives of King Rowan, Ryan and Pat from the last generation we visited.  The enemy is destroyed and, even though Queen Mandy is still alive, Richie is forced to grow up more quickly in order to help his grieving mother.  Before we enter the next point in history, she will pass away, after spending a few good years with her adorable little grandchildren.  We’ll arrive when those kids are about the age Richie was when we just met him.  That means Richie and Jackie will be the rulers of Ruyngard when we land next.”

    Gracie begins to sniffle a little.  “Why do you keep showing us all these happy people, only to tell us, ‘Oh, and they died horrible deaths as soon as we left’?  And why do they forget us when we leave?  Did the people of Storyboard X forget AB and Cici every time they left?”

    Duplica hugs her grieving child.  “No, they remembered them, but we have to make sure the same is not true of us because we aren’t a part of Old Ruyngardian history, whereas time travel was actually a part of the SBX past, so the future was actually obligated to go back and be like ‘We wouldn’t exist without y’all, and y’all wouldn’t survive without us!’  Yes, I know.  Don’t dwell on it.  Also, we try to take you to the prime spots where the heroes are as far along in the story as possible without them being, well, dead, or without you guys being in danger.  But remember, Gigi; Old Ruyngard was always meant to be a place of turmoil, because it was created by the evil Ultimax.  The only reason the heroes are here is because of the System Guards jumping in to prevent things from blowing up, literally.”

    As the class approaches the next destination, Elf tries to comfort his twin.  “Gi, these lessons are hard, but they are necessary.  The luxuries we have come from diligently learning from the triumphs and failures of past civilizations.  As your brother, I will do my best to learn how to be the best System Guard I can be to protect you from evil, sis, even if that evil is my own selfishness.  I’ll be mature and wise for your sake, and for God’s, obviously.”

    “Okay, Elfie,” Gigi smiles as she agrees.  “I will be strong for you, too.  You’re short, but you’re sweet.  That’s why you’re my favorite brother.”

    Paul would point out that Elf’s her only brother, but the time for the next lesson has arrived.

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