“Oh!” squeals Faye, “That sounds so romantic!  Of course, Lady Jackie, with someone as stylish as you, it’s no mystery why you’d be the one Lady Duplica wants us to learn from.  Your choice in faces also shows your impeccable wisdom.  Hehe!”

    “Why, thank you, lass!  My face wasn’t exactly my choice, but all the same, it hasn’t let me down yet!”  Jackie pulls out a mirror and adores herself.  “That’s a mean weapon you have there, Captain J.”

    “Fate loves you then.” Faye explains.  “We come from a Ruyngardian society—er, I mean—a special type of society where advanced science and genetic knowhow has the one downside of very little variety in facial and ethnic features.  Quite often, people choose the face of their baby like they’d choose a name.  I forgot your world isn’t that advanced yet, so I just assumed you were also a fan of the original Jaqueline Scar, like my grandpapa.”

    “Such a beautiful young girl.” Jackie walks to her in cautious concern.  “Love, have you a fever?  I must warn I am not the head nurse of a medical unit, but being the captain of a large crew, I’m sure I can help your delusionary condition somehow.  *Shouts* Hey, Blue Band, do we have any sauerkraut left?”

    “Indeed, Captain Jackie,” replies the blue-haired girl named for the wristbands she always wears, “the tank child refused to eat her share, so there’s some left.”

    “Eh, Lady Jackie,” Faye interrupts, “I-I’m quite alright.  There’s no need for sauerkraut.  You must remember that we come from a different country, so some of the terminology we used must sound quite strange to you.  *Shivers* Please don’t feed me sauerkraut.”

    Duplica laughs and confirms.  “Captain, my girl is quite alright.  Don’t let her childish ways alarm you.  We still have trouble getting used to it at times.  We mainly keep her because she’s so cute.”

    “Totally!”  Both Faye and the captain eagerly agree.

    Looking around as if she lost something, our teacher addresses Jackie again.  “So, when are we going to meet this fine looker of yours?  You know, heroics echo quite quickly across the sea.  You two are already legends.”

    The group now exchanges witty banter surrounding this statement, but for sake of time, we’re skipping to the guy in gold and his red friend joining the conversation.  As you might have caught on, the girl is wearing armor like Dee’s from the last chapter.  This girl is her daughter Didi.  The young man is Rowan’s son, the prince of Ruyngard, Richie.  Back on Richie’s ship are the sons of Cecil, Drake and of one of the Ruyngardian captains back home.  I didn’t draw them since they’re not here with the class.  Also, those seven lady diplomats are split up between the two ships as they are a group of curious, adventurous gals, fitting of Jackie’s type of spirit.

    Gigi loves everything about Didi.  “Oh!  I love your name, spelled so coolish!  I love your outfit, all tributin’ your mom and all.  Girl, you got it goin’ on!”

    Didi coldly pops this balloon.  “I hate having a name so close to my mother’s.  It’s very complicated doing business, having to repeat and clarify all the time.  I love the woman, but these aren’t my style at all.  I’m only wearing these because it’s the armor I acquired on our journey.”

    Richie laughs and adds his comments.  “Dee, what are you talking about?  You dress just like Old Dee used to when she was your age.  You act like you can’t stand the gal.”

    Kammy can’t stand this disrespect and sets them straight.  “Aren’t you two supposed to be royalty?  Well, I know Dee’s not, but still.  You two talk so rudely for individuals, let alone dignitaries.  Dee’s your mom, Didi, and your elder, Prince Richie.  Please talk about them kindlier around us children.”

    “Aw, poor infant!”  Didi is not sympathetic in the slightest.  “Did my mother hire you to chase me down and save me from my wicked ways?  Well, I assure you that I’m old enough to handle myself on these waters.  Hey, we even saved a bunch of politicians, so we have both courage…and patience, bleh.”

    Jo Meyers firmly holds Kammy still and reminds her, “Not every person we introduce you to is to be held in the status of hero.  Some of these people are met so that you learn from their mistakes.”

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