Chapter 2 The Richest Voyage

    “Here we are!”  Duplica is eager to introduce the class to this era, though only for the era itself and not the people.

    “Mom,” asks the entranced Gracie G., “are we on a boat?”

    “*Hurls* Yep….”  Poor Paul can confirm.

    “Hey!  What are you doing barfing on my ship?!  I’ll have your seasick carcasses thrown to the sharks, though I doubt they’d want to eat your putrid hides.”  Someone is not happy.  This someone is the beautiful young woman in the green and white attire with the flowers adorning her form.

    “Sorry,” Duplica quickly attempts to explain, “my kids and I are on a journey for their learning, and we saw your wonderful ship.  We’ve heard so much about you, Captain Jackie, we knew that the best person to learn anything from about these waters is the greatest pirate of the age.”

    “Hehe!” Jackie is appeased.  That was easy.  “Well, I be not one to brag, lass, but ye have me there.  I be the cunningest as they come upon these worrisome waters.  Now, what be yer first question, lads and lasses?”

    Elf has a question.  “Why did you start faking the accent, Lady Jackie?  Hahaha!  I like it though.”

    Despite the subtle panic this inquiry creates, Jackie is calm.  “Ah, I suppose I was just showing off for you lovelies.  Not many chaps talk as such these days.  In fact, all my crew are women, as they’re easier to work with.  My only exception is the cutie I acquired.  He’s captain of the other ship you see sailing with us.  We’ve just finished rescuing a group of important diplomats, all female of course, and now, we return to his homeland so that I may bag the gold of being his bride and future queen of all Ruyngard, wherever that is.”

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