The group gasps at this revelation, or at least the ones who never do their homework gasp.  Faye gently grabs Elf’s arm.  “Elf, would you ever do that to me?”

    Before he can answer, trusty twin sister does for him.  “If it’s a quick demise you want, Faye, go five minutes without flirting.  You’re likely to starve to death.”

    As the two girls exchange stares of destruction, Kammy continues the rest of what is about to go down in Ruyngardian history.  “So, if I remember right, the team will find the Sacred Blade in the Frozen Beyond.  However, they’ll have been arguing to the point that Max’s second offer to A-Tron is received with a different spirit, thus creating the nightmare that kills poor Never Miss.  The good guys follow the new Max to his space base where many fights take place.  Max’s XII equivalent to Ultimax’s evil team fights our remaining friends.  His version of Ancyriac has a sister who actually helps the good guys but is seemingly killed by Max’s daughter Ata.  Ah, the mini-romance of Lori and Turk, haha!  Sweet stuff.  Um, in the end, Rowan and his friends destroy Max and save the world.  The suits are purified by Patriarch.  Marriages are had.  Cecil builds a memorial for Never Miss in Meadowfield.  Sad days beget happy days.  End of story.  Woot and yah.”

    Owan pats his niece on the back.  “That’s some good history skills there, young’un.  You’re almost as smart as your old uncle.”

    Kammy Crystal is not amused.  “Owan, you’re a year younger than me.  I hate it when you do that.”

    He smiles.  “That’s why I do it.”

    As these two bother each other, Gigi and Entoni contemplate what they’ve learned today.  Gigi starts the conversation.  “Squeaker, is it really that easy to defect?  I mean, A-Tron was a really good guy, but a little stress turned him against the one person he seemed to love more than anything in this world.  I don’t understand it.”

    Elf ignores her commentary on the sound of his voice and tries to console her cogitation.  “There were eight individuals here.  Only one of them fell.  Instead of focusing on the one failure, why don’t we focus on the other seven successes?  Sound like a better plan to you?”

    Grace hugs her twin.  “That’s why you’re my best friend, even if I can’t stand your face, hee hee.”

    Ent ruffles the back of Gi’s hair.  “I love you, sis.  You’re my everything…that smells bad.”

    The hug quickly ends, and Gigi looks over at Owan.  He pulls out his phone to adjust the sibling score.  “Yeah, sorry, Elf, that one definitely goes to Gi.”

    Defending himself, Elf declares, “Hey, it was the best I could think of.  So, that puts me at four-hundred and ninety-seven wise cracks this school year, with Grace Face only twenty away from catching up.  Well, nineteen now.”

    Duplica puts an end to the friendly fire and prepares the team for their next journey.  “When we exit the time portal next, we will be about twenty years into the future, meaning we get to see Rowan as the king of Ruyngard, with his son leading the adventures.  Are you ready to jump on it, gang?”

    With a big “Yeah,” the class hops into the time portal and zips off to meet the next lesson head on.  See you there!

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