(Trixie: Oh no!  Looks like the end for you, Marty.)

(Virginia: Such a tragedy.)

(Marty: Oh whatever, girls!  I’m lookin’ right at the monkey.)

(Trixie: Hee hee!  Sorry, force of habit.)

(Virginia: How many guesses did it take to get here?)

(Trixie: Despite needing to retry some, you actually beat the game, which means you are now the proud owner of the first cream soda in the fridge.  Don’t worry, Jenny; I made sure to buy a full case, so you can have one, too.)

(Virginia: I know this, Trixie.  I’m the one you had buy it.)

(Trixie: Oh yeah!)




    You beat the game, so go ahead and put your name in the comments.  Of course, if you want that secret code, you’ll have to beat the game without making mistakes in the second half.  By now, you should have the monkey madness memorized, so it’s easy for you, champ.  Be sure to hit the follow button along the way if you’re new to the site to add your email for updates on new posts and games.

-Try Again!  (Time to get that code!)-


-Try Another Rosie Adventure!-


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