(Georgia: GOOD JOB!!  I didn’t hear anything break or Dwayne screaming, so I’m guessing you caught that plate of food he threw at you.)
(Dani: Yup!  I watch a lot of Lyger and System Guards.)
(Georgia: Me, too!  I wanted to test your reflexes and your ability to roll with whatever we need to throw at you without any notice…literally.)
(Dani: Uh…Georgia, can we talk about bugs?)
(Georgia: Calm down, hon.  I’ll just hire an exterminator.  It’s not like we’re saving money adding two employees.)
(Dude: So, you’re staying, right?)
(Callie: Please stay.  We all really like you.)
*Everyone cheers*
(Dani: Wow, that was random but lovely.)
(Tina: Who else can I come annoy?)

(Georgia: Would you like some chopped liver, Tina?)
(Tina: Ok, besides Georgia!)
(Dani: Oh, you know I’m not going anywhere.  Here’s to a great summer at Dwayne’s Diner!)
(Georgia: By the way, the next part of our secret passcode is this:


so use it wisely.)

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