(Dude: Oh man!  She’s got it in the bag.)
(Georgia: I’m very, thoroughly impressed so far.  I’m this close to passing you, Dani.)
(Dani: Thank you, Georgia, I appreciate that.)
(Callie: Oh!  So, you’ve been shining like a star since I left?)
(Dani: So, you’re not made of grass, Callie?)
(Callie: And I just complimented you.)
(Dani: Hee hee!  You know I’m teasing, girl.)
(Callie: So, how’s that meal coming, Georgia?)
(Georgia: About that…. Oh, hey!  Um, Dani, do you uh, heh heh…remember what Callie ordered?)
(Dani: Wait; YOU don’t remember?!  I’m surprised, Georgia.)
*Georgia winks to the others*

(Dani: Ah, I see what’s going on here.)

-Scrambled eggs and burnt toast?-
-Didn’t she just order a tea?-
-She asked for a lemonade.-

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