(Callie: Man, she could have your job one day, Georgia.)
(Georgia: And then I could finally drag you along for some REAL adventures, Callie.  Road trips are so much better than driving your face into the ground.)
(Callie: I can definitely tell where Dani’s getting the punches from.)
(Dani: Uh, you think so, huh?)
(Callie: Ha ha!  It just means you’re one of us.)
(Dude: I knew she was a techbot!)
(Girls: No, she’s not.)
(Callie: Dude, don’t you think we techs have ways of identifying each other?  Techbots don’t give off the same heat source as humans.)

(Georgia: Ok Dani, I’m going to think of a good final exam for you, but I’m so sure you will pass it, I want you to go ahead and get whatever case of ice cream you want from the back.)
(Dani: Seriously?!)
(Georgia: Nope.  You’re fired.)
(Callie: Make mine mint chocolate, please!)
(Dani: Mint chocolate for Callie and dead rat for Georgia; got it!)
(Dude: And while you’re at it–)
(Georgia: ‘Ey!  Be nice to my new assistant.  Right, girl?)

-Haha! I’ll be right back.-

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