(Caroline: Eh…so I am.  What’s your point?)
(Heero: You’re a robot.)
(Caroline: You do have a keen eye for these things.  Wait!!  How do you know I’m a robot?)
(Heero: Everyone at the hospital knows you’re a robot.)
(Caroline: Oh.  Ok, ok!  So, I’ll stop teasing you about dating.)
(Heero: You only want an excuse to go downtown.)
(Caroline: …yes….)
(Heero: PAH-hahahaha!  Let’s go, sad eyes.  I’ll be your big, strong guide around the town in which I’ve never been before in my life.)
(Caroline: YAY!!  You’re my hero, Heero!)
(Heero: Come on; let’s go.)
(Caroline: OH!  That reminds me.  I was going to call Mrs. Haywood, remember?)
(Heero: Oh yeah!  Go ahead, silly goose!)
(Caroline: You’ll love this!  Not only can I pick up wifi in my head, I can also make phone calls.)
(Heero: Convenient.)
(Caroline: Are you sure you don’t mind me calling?  It could be a while.)

-Let’s surprise her then.-

-Oh…well, in that case…maybe we’ll wait.-

-Sure, go ahead. I don’t mind waiting.-

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