(Caroline: Okay! Give me a second.)
(Heero: Haha, this ought to be fun.)
(Caroline: ….Hello?  Mrs. Haywood?  This is Caroline.  I’m out for a walk and will be by your house in a while.  I wanted to let you know that I’m bringing a visitor with me.  Hahaha!  I thought you’d like that.  Want to speak with him?)
(Heero: Are you serious?)
(Caroline: Ok!  You’re on speaker now.)
(Mrs. Haywood: Hello?)
(Heero: Hello, Mrs. Haywood.  Caroline, how are you not hurting your head?)
(Caroline: I’m an android.  I can choose to turn off my senses.)
(Mrs: I’m looking forward to meeting you.  What’s your name?)
(Heero: It’s Heero.)
*Twenty minutes later…*
(Caroline: Ok, Mrs. Haywood, we’ll see you soon.  Bye!  Love you!  *Call ends* Heero, thank you for that.  She just adores you now!  Well, I guess there’s nothing stopping us from our little adventure now.)
(Heero: That’s right!)

-To adventure!-

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