(Caroline: Mrs. Haywood, this is my new friend, Heero.  We’ve just had the best day ever!)
(Mrs:  Aww!  Then that makes you my favorite too, Heero.)
(Heero: It’s so good to meet you, Mrs. Haywood.  Thank you very much.)
(Mrs: Honey, you come by any time you want, with or without Caroline, you hear?)
(Caroline: Haha, hey!  Don’t leave me out, guys.  But seriously, Heero, thanks for coming along. You’ve made my day so many times in just a few short hours!  Since I’m grading you, I’m definitely giving you an A+!  And since we’re such good friends, here’s the fourth part to a big secret code we techbots have:


Enjoy it, new pal!)

Congratulations!  You’ve just beaten the game with a perfect score!  If you haven’t beaten the others yet, then get on it and get that code!  If you have beaten them all, then enjoy the series secret!   Happy playing!

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