Bill Reese is not handling the whole Resurrection thing very well as he refuses to acknowledge the new Naomi Reese as being human.  He has no problem calling her an animal and even goes so far as to wish, to her face, that the rapture would happen so he could see what becomes of her once the real Naomi Reese returns to claim this body.  Bill’s sister Louise takes the shattered little lady out for a while, hoping that the hateful man will change his tune when the women return.  Poor Naomi.

Well, in other news…

    Boy, am I glad I decided to wait last night!  That culprit got caught on camera, and it turned out to be Abraham Honeycutt of the Lightning Party, which is actually a part of the old Sword Party.  It won’t take long now until the trail leads back to the group, resulting in the arrest and public execution of them all.

That could’ve been me!


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