Despite the cruel hatred of her former…husband? — We’ll deal with that later.– Naomi tries to lovingly reason with Bill that even though the process of cloning is a sin, she had no say in the matter.  She couldn’t help that she was made.  Bill refuses to talk about it, to the point that Naomi gets noticeably irritated.  Bill can’t help but laugh a little as her mostly successful restraint of this frustration is a perfect mirror image of the old Naomi, a thought that brings back good memories to Mr. Reese.

    “Bill,” says Naomi, “did you ever take Timothy hunting like I had asked you to before I left?  I can see you explaining to him the rules of hunting.  ‘Rule number one–‘”

“Naomi, stop it.  I know my own rules.”  Bill quickly kills this talk.

The angered woman’s had enough for the moment.  “If you say so…sir.”

    Left alone, Reese contemplates the answer to her question. I did take that boy hunting, and I was very impressed with how he did.  And my rules aren’t my rules.  They’re based on Biblical principles.  You don’t kill a deer and waste it, you eat the meat.  Hunting isn’t about taking joy in the pain of animals.  Scripture says a wise man is merciful to his beast, but the tender mercies of a fool are cruel.  At that moment, Billy finally understands what Naomi was trying to say as her intended words have found their way to his lips.  “Why…even a beast has feelings.”

    A few minutes later, Bill’s phone rings.  Zack Malone is calling, and though he won’t say what, something has gotten him so shaken up…he’s asking for prayer.


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