Your performance is exceptional!

(Megan: Your skill is far beyond your years!)

    Now that you have completed the hard mode, please tell us about this in the comments, and definitely let us know if you got the question about Job correct on the first attempt.  Also, if you have yet to follow our website, you can do so by adding your email on the side and clicking the button to receive a notification regarding your new status as an official follower of our material.

(Megan: That way, you can know when we post new quizzes, lessons and comics.  Now, tell them another secret, Xames.)

    Ah, this next secret is not about myself, but about someone mentioned in the quiz for Hebrews.  This warrior was originally one of our enemies until a very sweet young lady helped him to see the error of his way.  However, not long after the two companions joined our forces, AB’s greatest foe ambushed our new allies, separating them for years as the villain inadvertently sent that same warrior to Earth in the past where he became the mentor and friend of AB himself.  Do you know of whom I speak, or must you take the Hebrews challenge to find out?

(Megan: Do you know of whom we speak and still wish to take the Hebrews challenge anyway?)

Ha ha!  Alright, that is enough fun for the moment.  Thank you for playing the game.

(Megan: I hope to see you all in my own upcoming quiz on 2 John, obviously scheduled after a few other entries.)

    Feel free to try our other quizzes or find out what strange things we are talking about in our System Guards comic series.  I assure you, we not only explain the Biblical context of our series, I believe you will appreciate the reality of your own world even more with the surprising lessons you can learn from the heroes known as the System Guards.

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