Harrison isn’t the only one with much to think about.  Billy Reese stands, appalled, in the chapel of Mathers Family Funeral Services as he feels a familiar hand slip into his.  Much to his horror, his late wife Naomi Reese has been resurrected, along with his nephew Timothy Majors, both thanks to the financial sacrifice of his dear sister Louise.  This whole thing is an abominable rebellion against God, as far as Bill’s concerned.  How could Louise desecrate the body of his beloved wife like this?!

Turning back to the Harrison office, we see Donna.

    She and Nate discuss the unsettling thought of what might happen if the project gets cancelled, the apprehensive couple seeking to comfort each other with words of encouragement in this unsettling dilemma.

As she stares into her hero’s eyes, Donna confesses her joy.  “Nate, I could do this forever.”

    Nate responds in a blend of devotion and determination, “That is my gift to you, my love; forever.  No man or nation shall ever take that away from you!  I promise you this.”


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