Yeah well, I can take you guys away from that nauseating staring contest.  I’m sorry if the scene looks familiar.  You see, because I had to rush away last time, I only got part of what I needed.  Understand, Nathaniel Harrison may be a great guy and all, but somebody’s paying for this cadaver carnival, and if it’s for the purpose we think it is…. Hey, Roger Jon!  Looks like I got it.  What?  You’ve never said Roger Jon when you’re excited?  Where have you been the last decade?  Anyway, it’s time to go…or at least it would be, if my cord hadn’t broken before you arrived.  Yeah, let’s not talk about that.  Should I risk the noise of climbing up, or should I just brave it out there in the hallway?

A: Climb up!

B: Brave it!

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