This is Donna Mitchelson, Nathaniel Harrison’s love interest, whom he brought back to life.  In case you can’t read his notes, she died when they were just children, so he felt it unfair that she should be revived with such a drastic disadvantage; ergo, he brought her back as an adult.  Of course, he gave her a full childhood’s worth of memories so she wouldn’t feel left out.  Sure, he realizes the problems with this, but he will discuss these details with Donna when he feels she is ready, and he will let her decide for herself what she will do.


    Zack Malone enters the room to inform the doctor that Washington has scheduled a meeting with the scientists regarding the new project.  Donna expresses her fear.  “Nathaniel, what happens if they reject the program?  What if they don’t recognize me as a human?”

    “I won’t let anything happen to you, my love,” replies Nathan, “but I am more concerned with what will happen if they like this project TOO much.  It’s been my duty to make humanity better so we can live long and in peace, but if my work were used for war, what a paradox that would be.  I will not be the man who gives death its immortality!”


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