I’ll sum up what Nate said.  The process which scientists use in this story to create clones consists of reconstructing organic matter from DNA.  Kind of extreme?  Well, the hyperboles of science fiction inspire the technological realities of life, so there!–Did I just imply that I’m a fictional character?  Haha, suuure!–Anyway, Nate takes a corpse and rebuilds it using the person’s own DNA.  While this is technically a clone, there is no reason to suggest it is a different person since it is the same as any other surgical transplant, except there are more pieces involved.  Of course, you and I know that the original person is in heaven, making the new being just a clone, regardless of what science says.

    So, the clone is made and given the memories of the deceased, all based on the information collected from history and relatives.  Do you feel conned?  Well, I sure do!


    That being said, the members present reveal that they are part of a secret society known as the Lightning Party. “Liberty!!”  Their intensions, obvious as they are, present Nathaniel Harrison with the offer of great reward in exchange for the use of his program as a military venture.  Since we both know Nate is not going to do this, that offer morphs into a lethal deadline for Nate and his beloved companions.  What will they do?


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