“This is so frustrating!” Nate vents, “I love Donna, but she just shouldn’t be here!  It’s not safe!  She–“

    Yeah, it’s me.  “Um, hello.  Maybe the direct approach is better anyway.  The gig is up, Nate Harrison.  I know that you are behind this new war, as well as the framing of the Lightning Party with a clone of Abraham Honeycutt.  I know about how you reprogram your resurrected patients to do your bidding.”

    Nate gives an evil grin.  “And how the very Founding Fathers are my mere puppets, allowing me to deceive the current administration until I’ve replaced them all with classic clones.  I started this project to bring back my Donna, and I started this war to make this world safe for my Donna.  YOU will die and no one will be able to stop me!”





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