(Vahnna: W-what did I just see?  Ugh, my head is spinning after all those lights and stars went zipping by.  I knew things were bad enough, but my day is just getting worse.)

(Elena: He he he he he he!  Let us cheer you up, my dear.)

(Charis: He he he he he he he!  This is so dangerous.)

(Vahnna: Who are you two, and where am I?  What’s going on outside that window?)

(Charis: It’s a beautiful, clear night, with a gorgeous view of the basketmoon, even if it is raining cats and dogs, as far as South Asian cuisine is concerned.)

(Vahnna: What do you even mean?)

(Elena: She does that.  Don’t worry; that food is all beef.  Charis is just spouting out gibberish because she is excited to meet you, Vahnna.)

(Vahnna: Vahnna?  That name, why did you call me that.)

(Elena: Did you want me to call you something else?)

(Vahnna: …. I can’t argue with this.  Fine, but don’t be asking too many questions.)

(Charis: Oh, stop playing around, Vahnna.  We’ve a game show to prepare for, and you’re going to be a contestant.  Now, we won’t pry into any personal info.  We just need your help with a thing, then we’ll send you back home.)

(Vahnna: You would say that.  I have a feeling you know I don’t have much of a home to go back to.  I’ll help with your little game, then I have things to do.)

(Elena: Like what?  I’m sure you’re super busy these days.)

(Vahnna: *Sigh* Whatever.  Being in complete solitude can be a thing to do, but if you insist on trying to cheer me up, have at it.  Your plan won’t work.  I’ve seen too much tragedy in one lifetime to ever smile again.)

(Both girls: Challenge accepted!)

-What on Earth?!-

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