(Elena: Okay, before we go any further into the story, you need to understand that this is not Tommy Bear and Mike Sutle from the Lightspeed Lab.  These are just other versions from a different storyboard.)

(Charis: I’m still not sure how to give the most concise explanation for how the multiverse physics made their appearances look so drastically different before pulling them into this location.  Now, do you see how badly the interdimensional trauma messes with our cameras so that our resolutions make us look like Sunday School flannel board failures?  It’s so hard to find equipment that doesn’t mess up the minute we go flying through the void of space into another physical plain!)

(Elena: I agree.  That wasn’t concise.  Also, I think it sparked more questions than answered, but I love you, my friend.  Audience, we don’t promote multi-dimensional woodie-doo.  We’ve explained this.  Sure, there are spacial dimensions of height, depth, width, ti–)

(Charis: They get it, Professor Conciseness.)

(Elena: Excuse me then, Miss Charis.  I didn’t mean to interrupt your show.)

(Charis: Ooooh, fine.  I’m sorry for snapping.)

(Elena: And I’m sorry for making fun of your explanation.)

(Hyper: While the ladies are busy with a forgiveness hug, I’ll move this show along and actually talk about Tom and Mike.  Ironically, they were chosen because they are as responsible and selfless as you can get, as far as humans go, of course.  Seeing how this is a website based on pointing folks to the Lord, I’d remind you that there’s no one as selfless as Christ.  That being said, the testimony that these guys have made them perfect candidates for recruitment.)

(Elena: Did you see what Hyper did there, audience?  We might have a simulated existence, but if we are able to influence your real-world decisions in wanting to focus on and be more like Christ, then in a way, we can be just as real as the screen you’re reading this on.  Your screen isn’t alive, but it’s real and can be a help.  In the same way, we can be a real help to you by pointing you to the God who graced you with the reality of your life and opportunity to serve Him.  Okay, back to the game. 😊)

(Charis: And appreciate your friends, being willing to admit when you’re wrong.  I’m glad I have a great pal who puts up with my occasional temper. ❤️)

(Elena: Yes, it’s rare you get upset.  Maybe I’ll buy you two salads to make up for it.)

(Charis: No, I was being silly.)

-Praise God for His kindness!  Can we continue the story?-

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