(Charis: How noble!)

(Travis: How gallant!)

(Elena: What an honor it was to raise those two!  Now, we’ll have to find someone else to be the leaders of Lu’s storyboard, but it is worth it.  I couldn’t ask for a better daughter.  Ha ha!  Atlanta, Charla, Darla; if you’re watching this, you girls know what I mean.  Ha ha!  So, your sister and her friend left for another storyboard, meaning we needed a replacement.  Well, for something so honorable, we couldn’t just replace them with any old System Guard, so we got someone just as noble.)

(Charis: We didn’t get one, but two!  Wanna’ know whom we chose?  By the way, the story is halfway over.)

-Yes, I want to know!  Why would I say no?!-

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